In cooperation with selected hotels and Golf clubs in Paphos we work closely to secure the very best deals and give the best prices that ensure our customers always get real value.

We offer the best golf courses and hotels in Paphos region and beyond, helping arrange everything.

We offer packages for the top 4 golf courses in Paphos and probably in Cyprus.

Accommodation, transport, special packages, you name it…

We can offer any type of room, inside or outside of town. The hotels we offer are carefully selected having in mind golfers needs and with the highest standards.

Moreover, we offer transportation packages, from the airport, from the hotel, or any other destination you may require.

Having the experience and a team that knows every course and hotel on the books, golfers trust us to make the process hassle-free from start to finish.

The professional staff are on hand at all times to give lessons and to make all visitors feel welcome making sure they thoroughly enjoy their golfing holidays.